Breaking Out of the Fog

283Surely life is not what it was supposed to be like this. Did we really not have any control over these silent killers? Was there nothing we could do to relieve the suffering except be doomed to a life of taking pills? Are we doomed to live life dragged down by the fog of physical and mental pain?

My quest to eliminate toxins from the products I use every day began with my own physical health, and as I observed the impact it had on the overall health of those around me. This included autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses and thyroid issues…  not to mention the impacts of toxicity.

We are impacted by everything that we put in and on our bodies. What does this include? Food is obviously the biggest focus for many. Rightly so, since our sad american diet is known to be nutritionally deficient  even though there is an abundance of it. What people don’t usually take into consideration are all the other things our body is ingesting through our skin. Soaps, lotions, makeup, deodorants, bath bombs, perfumes, creams, hair color, nail polish, hair sprays, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, scented candles, just to name a few. All of these things that surround and touch our bodies all day, do we really know what is in them? How do they impact our health? What are the alternatives? Are the alternatives more expensive?

I was tired of walking in a haze, and sick of seeing close friends suffer with anxiety and depression. So it has become my mission to research and share as much information as I could. With this blog, I hope to document my discoveries. Hope it blesses many of you along the way! Stay tuned… 😉


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