Henna – Dyeing Your Hair Naturally Part 1

Welcome beautifuls! Are you ready to eliminate all those chemicals from your life? How much do you think your body will thank you for not constantly making it fight every time you get a touch-up?! Maybe like me, you have not been able to have fun with your hair because you didn’t want to damage it or have all those chemicals on it. If so, this is for you! Who says you can’t have fun naturally?

Quick overview about Henna… it has so many health benefits!

Henna improves overall hair health and strength, reduces hair loss, has anti-aging properties, helps improve nail health, protects skin against infection and inflammation, helps relieve headaches, and improves spleen and liver detoxification to name a few!

Caution! This does not apply to “black henna” which actually is not real henna and is full of chemicals.

Look for part 2 on the process of actually applying it to your hair!

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Links for exploring henna facts and variations:

Pure Henna

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